Fedora Participation Survey

Thank you for your interest in the Fedora Participation Survey, which is part of a larger study of the Fedora Project by Professors Jonathon Cummings and Tony O'Driscoll at Duke University.

The survey is divided into two steps: Step 1 (below) asks you to submit a specific activity that characterizes your most significant form of participation in the Fedora Project during the past 6 months, and Step 2 (on a subsequent page following validation and login) asks you more detailed questions about your Fedora Project activity.

[If you have already completed Step 1, and you would like to log back into a specific activity you already submitted, please click here to go directly to Step 2.]

Our research goal is to focus more deeply on three primary themes that emerged from over 20 interviews we conducted with participants in the Fedora Project, including Red Hat employees and participants outside of Red Hat. These themes are (1) Values that are relevant to participants (e.g., to what extent is 'Open Source' a relevant value across the Fedora Project?), (2) Activities that participants engage in to help sustain the community (e.g., to what extent is 'testing' a collaborative activity across the Fedora Project?), and (3) Tools participants use for communication or workflow (e.g., to what extent is 'Planet' or 'Koji' used across the Fedora Project?).

Towards the goal of focusing the Fedora Participation Survey on values, activities, and tools, we have generated a list of representative activities below. We appreciate that participants engage in multiple activities (oftentimes simultaneously!), but in an effort to reduce the time spent on the survey to roughly 15 minutes, we ask that you select one specific activity you believe was your most significant form of participation in the Fedora Project during the past 6 months. We will ask you several questions about this specific activity in the survey, including questions about the extent to which different tools played a role in your activity.

[Note that even though we are only asking for one activity per participant, the online survey is set up to handle multiple activities per participant if you want to submit more than one - simply repeat Steps 1 and 2]

Step 1: Please select one specific activity from the list below that you believe represents your most significant form of participation during the past 6 months. The specific activity can range from identifying a bug to providing a patch to introducing a new package to writing documentation. Furthermore, the specific activity can be big or small, time-consuming or relatively quick, and can occur upstream or downstream.

  Specific Activity * Example
Ambassadorial Spreading the word about the Fedora Project
Debugging Identifying or squashing bugs for the Fedora Project
Designing Designing artwork or fonts for the Fedora Project
Infrastructure Providing servers, tools, or utilities for the Fedora Project
Maintaining/Packaging Maintaining a package for the Fedora Project
Marketing Marketing for the Fedora Project
Programming Developing code for the Fedora Project
Testing Testing packages for the Fedora Project
Translating Translating languages for the Fedora Project
Writing Writing documentation for the Fedora Project
Other Other activities not listed above, including Using Fedora

For the specific activity you selected above, please provide a brief overview as well as some details about your involvement in the activity:
Overview of Specific Activity*
(e.g., what you did):
Details of Specific Activity*
(e.g., how you did it):
Your Role in Specific Activity:* Activity Leader   Activity Participant
Are you a Red Hat Employee:* Yes   No
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Jonathon Cummings, Associate Professor of Management, and Tony O'Driscoll, Professor of the Practice, from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, are conducting a study of the Fedora Project. Your individual responses are confidential and will not be shared with anyone. In addition, your individual responses will be stored in a password-protected database separate from your name in order to ensure the privacy of the information you provide.

Your response to this survey will be extremely valuable for studying the Fedora Project. All results will be reported in aggregate, which means that your individual responses will not be identifiable to anyone other than the research team without your consent. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and you are free to choose whether to participate or not.